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Gynecology Services


Gynecology services are provided to take care of various women’s health issues. At North Carolina OB/GYN and Midwifery at Holly Springs UNC Health Care, we provide comprehensive gynecology services in Raleigh.

Our gynecology services cover all facets needed to address women’s health issues. We provide prevention, detection, treatment, and counseling.

Abnormal Pap Follow-Ups (LEEP, Colposcopy)

We provide immediate treatments such as LEEP (loop electrosurgical excision procedure) and colposcopies the moment a patient is found to have an abnormal pap smear.

Annual Gynecological Exams (pap smear, pelvic and breast exams)

Annual gynecological exams such as pap smears and pelvic and breast exams are important ways to monitor the health of these areas and to detect potential issues as early as possible.

First Visit

The first visit will involve a physical examination and an evaluation of the patient’s medical records. The doctor will also ask questions about aspects of the patient’s health, including menstruation and sexual activities. Breast and pelvic exams will follow.


A PAP test is part of patients’ annual gynecological exams. The test results will be interpreted by the doctor. If abnormal findings are detected, follow-up testing will be performed to develop an accurate diagnosis of the abnormalities and provide the right treatment to the patient.

Birth Control Counseling

For women who are not yet ready for pregnancy, we provide birth control counseling. The counseling will also include family planning.

Breast Health Exams

Breast cancer is common to women. Therefore, breast health exams are very important to monitor breast health and detect early symptoms of breast cancer.

Endometrial Ablation for Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

Heavy menstrual bleeding can significantly impact a woman’s quality of life. We provide endometrial ablation procedures to treat this condition and its symptoms.


Endometriosis can affect women between 30 and 40 years of age. We help detect this condition and provide appropriate treatments, including medication, hormone therapy, and surgery.

Hysterectomies Through Robotic Surgery

Patients with diseases that affect their uterus may be recommended to undergo a hysterectomy. We provide hysterectomies using robotic surgery for the utmost precision and safety.

In-Office Hysteroscopy to Diagnose Intrauterine Issues

An in-office hysteroscopy is a procedure that utilizes a small tube with a camera and light. This transmits magnified images of the uterus to an external monitor, allowing us to accurately diagnose intrauterine issues.

In-Office Polypectomy

In-office polypectomy is a procedure used to remove cervical polyps, which are tiny growths that form on the cervix. It involves use of either forceps or a heated wire loop.

Menopause Care

Once a woman reaches menopause, she experiences numerous significant changes, which can be daunting to deal with. We provide menopause care to address the symptoms of menopause, helping women navigate this new stage of their lives.

Osteoporosis Prevention and Bone Health

Another health issue women have to deal with as they age is the risk of osteoporosis. Therefore, it is important for women to take care of their health as early as possible. To aid in this, we provide osteoporosis prevention and bone health services.

Pregnancy Testing

It is not enough to rely on home pregnancy tests to determine if a woman is pregnant. Our pregnancy testing will help confirm pregnancy.

STD Screenings

STD screening is important for women who are sexually active. This will help detect STDs so they can receive appropriate treatment.

Vaginal/Urinary Tract Infection Checks

There are various causes and types of vaginal and urinary tract infections. Our vaginal and urinary tract infection checks can help accurately diagnose the cause and type of infection.

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