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Personalized Prenatal Care Services


Prenatal care from conception through delivery – Pregnancy and labor and delivery is one the most wonderful, exciting, and stressful times in a mother’s (family’s) lifetime. My aim is to have a collaborative, low intervention, yet safety-based approach with each patient. I absolutely believe that women who are empowered and actively participate in their pregnancy care plan have the best and most satisfying outcomes. I view myself as a safety partner, not a dictator of prenatal care, labor, and delivery. Pregnancy does not always go as planned; however, if patients view me as a partner in their pregnancy, we develop a trustful relationship that allows a patient to enjoy the precious time of pregnancy while knowing I am available to help provide a safe and joyful pregnancy and delivery experience.

The Importance of Proper Prenatal Care

Proper prenatal care is vital for the health of the mother and the baby. Lack of proper prenatal care can result in a number of issues, including low birth weight. During the prenatal care process, patients are monitored for any risks, which can then be addressed right away. This lowers the chance of complications so that patients can experience a safe delivery of their healthy infant.

When Should Prenatal Care Begin?

Experts recommend starting prenatal care three months before conception. This process begins with a visit to our office. During this visit, it will be necessary to go over your general health and any existing conditions. It will also be important to go over any prescription medications that you are currently taking. Patients will then need to stop drinking and smoking. They must also start taking prescribed supplements like folic acid.
Prenatal Care

Steps to Take Once You Conceive

Once you conceive, we will set up an appointment schedule so that you are monitored at every stage of the pregnancy. Your appointment schedule will ensure that you get:
  • A check-up every month for the first six months of the pregnancy
  • A check-up every two weeks in the seventh and eighth months of pregnancy
  • Weekly check-ups in the final month
During these appointments, your health and the baby’s health are checked. These visits can include:
  • Routine screenings and blood tests (Blood tests indicate problems such as anemia.)
  • Measuring the baby’s heart rate and growth
  • Checking your blood pressure
  • Checking your weight
During your scheduled visits in the ninth month, the baby’s position is noted, as is your body’s preparation for childbirth.

How Much Does Personalized Prenatal Care Cost?

The price of your treatment will depend on the modalities that best address your concerns. You will be provided with complete cost details once your Personalized Prenatal Care plan has been developed.

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The specialists at North Carolina OB/GYN and Midwifery At Holly Springs strive to provide exceptional care at every step of the polypectomy treatment process. If you have questions or would like to schedule a consultation for in-office polypectomy in Raleigh, please contact our office.


Dr. Gunter has a mindful and professional manner which is both refreshing and rare in this day and age. We need more doctors like him.

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