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Obstetrical Services

Convenient locations in Raleigh, Holly Springs and Panther Creek.

Obstetrical Services

How Much Does Obstetrical Services Cost?

The total cost of any obstetrical surgery is determined based on factors like your medical examinations, surgeon’s fee, hospital charges, post-surgery garments, and anesthesia. The exact techniques used will also impact cost, as will the total time needed to perform the surgery. We will provide detailed pricing information for your treatment after meeting with you and learning about your unique needs.

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To find out more about obstetrical services in Holly Springs, contact our office to schedule a consultation. Our team has extensive experience, and we are dedicated to improving our patients’ lives by providing the highest level of care at every stage of the treatment process. We look forward to helping you achieve your treatment goals and feel your best.


I saw Dr. Gunter several times throughout my pregnancy and chose him to do my c-section. He was very caring and informative. My scar looks incredible! I’m 3 months PP and you can barely tell it’s there. That is amazing, because it was my second surgery! Overall, A+!!!

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