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In-Office Polypectomy

Conveniently located to serve the Holly Springs, Panther Creek, NC, and surrounding locations.

Conveniently located to serve Holly Springs

A cervical polypectomy is performed to remove small growths called polyps. With their advanced training and many years of experience, the specialists at North Carolina OB/GYN and Midwifery At Holly Springs are considered top providers of in-office polypectomy in Raleigh.

Is an In-Office Polypectomy Right for Me?

Cervical polyps are growths of tissue on the cervix that are usually non-cancerous and don’t typically cause symptoms. However, a small percentage of cervical polyps can undergo changes that make them precancerous or cancerous. For this reason, it’s advisable to have cervical polyps removed via polypectomy.

Women who want to take preventive measures by addressing potentially cancerous polyps are ideal candidates. Candidates must be healthy and must not currently be pregnant.


During your consultation, we will examine the extent of your cervical polyps. We will also check your medical history and inquire if your family has a history of cancer.

We will develop a polypectomy plan based on the extent of your cervical polyps. The treatment process will be discussed, including the treatment itself, fees, preparation, and aftercare. We will be happy to address any questions so you can confidently make a sound decision regarding your in-office polypectomy procedure.


I was referred to Dr. Gunter by a different OBGYN to handle some funky cells on my cervix. He is so wonderful I transferred out of the other practice. He’s super informative and very friendly. I highly recommend him.

Your In-Office Polypectomy will be performed at North Carolina OB/GYN and Midwifery

Minimally Invasive Procedure


Polypectomy is an outpatient procedure typically performed in the office or outpatient clinic. A speculum is inserted into the vagina to expose the cervix. Polyps with a “stalk,” can usually be removed by using forceps to grasp and gently twist the polyp until it is released from the cervix.

For those without a stalk, called broad-based polyps, a local anesthetic is injected into the cervix and a heated wire loop is used to surround the polyp and burn it off the surface of the cervix. No matter which method is used, a sample of the removed polyp is sent to the lab for analysis to detect any potentially cancerous cells. The procedure is not painful, but a dull ache or cramping may be present during and after.


The patient can go home after the in-office polypectomy procedure. Full recovery instructions will be provided to the patient after the procedure.

A watery discharge or light bleeding after the procedure is normal. Sexual intercourse and tampons should be avoided until the discharge and/or bleeding has subsided (usually two to four weeks).

The patient will not be allowed to perform strenuous physical activities for a time, including lifting, pushing, or pulling heavy objects. Minor pain and cramps may be experienced during the first few days. A follow-up appointment will be scheduled to discuss test results after the removed polyps have been tested for cancerous cells.

How Much Does an In-Office Polypectomy Cost?

The price of your treatment will depend on the type of polyp being removed and the specific techniques required to best accomplish the desired outcome. Cost details will be provided once we’ve identified the optimal treatment approach for you.

We recommend that you contact your healthcare provider to ensure that your in-office polypectomy procedure will be covered by your health insurance.

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The specialists at North Carolina OB/GYN and Midwifery At Holly Springs strive to provide exceptional care at every step of the polypectomy treatment process. If you have questions or would like to schedule a consultation for in-office polypectomy in Raleigh, please contact our office.

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