Dr Gunter is kind, understanding, easy to communicate with, and has an excellent bedside manner. I have been a high school healthful living teacher and always have great conversations with him about women’s health issues that teens need to be aware of. He is always patient and will answer all questions I have about my own health and health questions in general. I recently had a myomectomy(fibroid tumor removal.). He did everything he could possibly do to assure that I was as comfortable with the procedure as I could be, and performed the surgery as well as could be expected. Tumors were much larger than they showed on the ultrasound, and he took his time to make sure he completed the surgery with as little down time for me as possible. I recommend Dr Gunter to every female I talk to in the Raleigh area when I talk about female health. I also have to say that he always takes the time to talk with me about how life is and I definitely feel that he takes the time to make a personal connection. He is truly concerned with his patients physical health, as well as their entire well being!